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Presidential CTF

Presidential is my third Capture the Flag exercise. It is rated as Medium to Hard – I wouldn’t say the exploitation techniques are necessarily difficult on this server, but this box will definitely test your enumeration skills. If you need a hint, feel free to contact me – but enumerate harder first.

Enumerate Enumerate Enumerate

This is the best advice I can give you.

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The Presidential Elections within the USA are just around the corner (November 2020). One of the political parties is concerned that the other political party is going to perform electoral fraud by hacking into the registration system, and falsifying the votes.

The state of Ontario has therefore asked you (an independent penetration tester) to test the security of their server in order to alleviate any electoral fraud concerns (I’m aware Ontario isn’t a real US state – this is meant to be fictional). Your goal is to see if you can gain root access to the server – the state is still developing their registration website but has asked you to test their server security before the website and registration system are launched.

This CTF was created and has been tested with VirtualBox. It should also be compatible with VMWare and is DHCP enabled.

You can download the CTF here. I look forward to your feedback.

SHA-256: 1d402ad612251e4b07bf990d7f55f1d3c5158bf9c0aad4e3663526f4d06a3e97

Write Up’s

A big thanks to 0xatom for doing a write up on this box. If you need help, feel free to read their write up. Though, try harder first. You will find it so much more rewarding if you manage to crack it yourself.

Thomas Williams

By Thomas Williams

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6 replies on “Presidential CTF”

unable to find anything useful after doing enumeration via gobuster (dir, vhost modes), nmap only2 ports, SSH only PUB key ? any clue? on how to proceed ?


As this is a relatively new machine, I don’t want to give hints in the comments of this post yet – if you need a hint, can you kindly fill out my contact form and I can provide you some guidance?

Many thanks

You’re welcome.

I’m due to publish a new CTF which will be a lot more challenging in the next 12 hours. Keep an eye on my blog for further info – I’ll be posting about it shortly.


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